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EPDM Manufacturers – What You Should Know

February 27th, 2012 · No Comments

You probably do not realise that EPDM rubber is everywhere. The material is used in a variety of products and is becoming more and more widespread each and every day. There are a number of EPDM manufacturers producing this material. It can be useful to learn more about the material and the manufacturing process to appreciate what these companies produce and their responsibilities. The technical aspects are too complex to describe in detail, but it is helpful to know the basics of production and its ultimate range of uses. It is a very important product which you may consider using yourself at various times of your life. The following outlines what you should know.

EPDM is produced from ethylene and propylene. The rubber will end up being extremely strong due to the molecular chain which fashions it. This will enable the material to be shrink and crack resistant. EPDM manufacturers produce literally millions of tons of the rubber material annually, and the output is increasing. This material was only used in a small number of applications originally, but it is now used internationally in a range of products. You probably use it on a daily basis, but do not realise the fact.

Rubber from EPDM manufacturers is used in many components of car manufacture, such as weather-stripping, hoses, brake components and motor oil. However, a common use of this material is not just in your car, but above your head. If you have a flat roof, you will know that it has been extremely different to find a material which will completely weatherproof your roof. The size of the flat roof usually required more than one sheet to cover it completely, meaning that a number of seams and joins had to be dealt with. A flat roof obviously does not shed water the same as a pitched one, and water will pool in certain areas. This has enabled leaks to develop in the past.

EPDM manufacturers produce rubber membranes which will resist hot and cold temperatures and can even be trodden on. Add to that their shrinkage and crack resistance, you have a product which is developing into a common sight on flat roofs worldwide. The seams, edges and the main part of the membrane are equally strong, with almost no weak points. The membrane is completely waterproof and is also commonly used as a pool or pond liner. You can be confident that, if you use rubber from EPDM manufacturers to cover your flat roof, it will give it years of protection. But you should also be aware that this adaptable material has also many other functions.


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