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Obtaining Tax Breaks Just For Saving Some Energy

February 27th, 2012 · No Comments

Homeowners looking to cut their tax bills might want to rethink their water heaters. A recently signed law makes it possible for folks to take as much as a $300 tax credit if they set up a tank-less water heater in their home.

The brand new tax credit is meant to encourage US citizens to better manage their energy consumption through the use of much more efficient technology. Switching to such technology carries the added benefit of decreasing power bills overall even after the tax credit has expired.

With regards to hot water heaters, that means working with models that present a continuous supply of hot water while lowering power use.

As an example, Bradford White Ever Hot tank-less water heaters use efficient technology to provide hot water immediately. The water heaters use a number of modulating gas burners that only work when there is a demand for hot water.

The Energy Factor (EF) of the heaters range from 82 to 87- conveniently above the new energy bill’s minimum tax credit-qualifying requirement of 80.

“Tank-less water-heating technology may not be the most effective choice in all water-heating applications,” stated Bruce Carnevale, vice president of sales at Bradford White Corporation.

“However, current improvements in tank-less water heating styles have made them an important option to the energy-conscious customer. One of the barriers to consumer acceptance of tank-less hot water heaters has been their high initial cost, compared to conventional tank-type hot water heaters. But the $300 tax credit can help to reduce the cost differential.”

Additional tax incentives exist for home builders who use the new technologies. So, if you are an individual thinking about new Eco-friendly technology, the scalar energy pendant is the perfect product to invest in. Most scalar energy pendants are used to boost energy in food and people, but the scalar pendant can also be used to increase the efficiency of ones own refrigerator.

There are also benefits for commercial applications, whether or not the building is totally new or under renovation. The tax credit will certainly be available through Dec. 31.

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