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What You Need to Know about Radon

November 4th, 2017 · No Comments What is Radon? What are the health effects of Radon. What can you do about Radon. Those and other questions are answered in the video

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Managing the Radon Risk

August 18th, 2017 · No Comments Charlotte home inspectors Preston Sandlin, Chip Sprague, and David Storm explain the risks of Radon. They also talk about how to test for Radon and howto mitigate if Radon is found. if you have any questions about Radon please call Home Inspection Carolina 704-542-6575

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Home Inspector Asks Are Granite Counter Tops Causing Radon In Your Charlotte Home?

May 15th, 2009 · No Comments

Are Granite Countertops In Your Charlotte Home Causing High Radon Levels? All granite countertops produce some levels of radiation. Some granite countertops produce negligible levels of radiation, while others have unbelievably high radiation levels. The only real way you will know for certain if your granite countertops are dangerous or not is to have a […]

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Bill Gallagher Talks About Radon

September 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Bill Gallagher, One of North Carolina’s best known Real Estate Instructors talks about Radon Gas in The Mandatory Update class in Charlotte NC in September. Bill Gallagher Owns Supeior School of Real Estate in Charlotte but conducts Real Estate classes throughout the state. Preston Sandlin of Home Inspection Carolina is filming him. Radon: Radon is […]

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Radon Overview

December 25th, 2007 · No Comments

EPA Recommends:

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