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What Is The Proper Use Of An Agitator Blade?

February 26th, 2012 · No Comments

Industrial Drum Mixers are Extremely Customizable

Industrial mixers are available in all shapes and sizes according to the application they are used for. Several projects require mixing several chemicals or materials together. When conducting this, it is important to select the right equipment to create a proper blend that will ensure a uniform product.

A lot of companies discover that it will save on cost and adds to convenience to mix materials directly in the shipping drum. When this is wanted, a small industrial mixing equipment known as a drum mixer is attached to the shipping drum, and the material is mixed to the desired consistency.

Drum Mixer Features

Drum mixers may be used with either open or closed barreled drums. If using an open barreled drum as opposed to a closed barrel, an agitator blade is fastened to one of the sides of a steel drum by using clamps. The agitator can be changed to nearly every angle and depth. Some companies choose to blend with a closed barrel lid. For this, an integrated lid mounted with an agitator is fitted straight onto the barrel.

Since drum mixers mix components directly in the barrel, they are generally small compared to other industrial mixers. Typical agitator sizes are made to accommodate 30, 55, or 100 gallon drums.

Drum Mixer Agitators

The agitator for a drum mixer can be customized according to the project and the materials being mixed. Typical agitators for a drum mixer are propeller shaped. These types of agitators are specifically suited for blending and agitating liquids and dissolving and suspending solids inside liquids. Other agitators may be used for high-speed mixing. Agitator motors are either electric or air powered.

Drum mixers are an ideal choice for those that desire to mix materials or chemicals quickly and conveniently inside the mixing drum itself. They can be specified to fit any kind of project directly, and may be used for a number of blending and mixing needs.

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