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Termite-Free Your House, Pest Control

February 29th, 2012 · No Comments

It is very easy to control pests in the first place, basically those pests would never ever get into our home at all, unfortunately, and they are. And of course for our family and property’s safety, it is better to deal with them as soon as possible. The longer you put things off the bigger problem and damaged might arise for the future. Kids are sometimes having pets in the house, and then you are trying to protect them from illnesses from pesticides you are using. And so, we are trying to help you how to get off from pests in particular to termites from your home and love ones. Here are some facts about termites for your awareness and tips.

Termites eat wood. They are sometimes mistaken for winged ants. In nature, they serve to speed up the transformation of dead trees into soil nutrients. In your home, they’re less helpful. In fact, hundreds of thousands of homes are treated every year for termites in the US alone. They boom in warm areas, but can live in temperate climates as well, such as the Northeast and Northwest United States. Alaska is the only state completely free of termites. Termites are also a concern in Europe and other parts of the world.

Termites are divided into two major groups: Subterranean Termites (living underground) and termites that live above ground, commonly called Drywood Termites. Drywood termites don’t need access to soil; they make their homes in wood such as floors, crates, and furniture. Because Drywood termites nest in wood and never need ground contact, they are especially troublesome to control. And so, if your house’s foundation is wood, well, you better try to combat them as early as you can in order to save your home from a vast damaged.


Termites are a worsening problem.

Current building trends which include house additions such as portico, attached garages, and breezeways, invite termite invasions. Also, because old-growth forest is rarer, homes are increasingly being built with newer sapwood, a wood that is more susceptible to termites. Central heating also helps termites and other insects, giving them a warm place to be active all year round.

Subterranean termites live deep in the ground, though they come up to feed the frequently. They live in colonies that can have as many as a quarter of a million termites. Drywood termites live in the wood they eat instead of underground. They’re colonies are smaller, and it’s easy for them to be accidentally transported in crates and furniture from one area to another.

Termites can be a problem even in brick houses. They can creep into cracks as small as a 32nd of an inch wide. Drywood termites are common in the Gulf States, California, and even in the islands of Caribbean.
Tips for how to combat termites

As with most things, it’s more economical to take preventative measures to keep your house free of termites than pay for an exterminator down the road. Here is a short checklist of things to check regularly in order to keep your home termite-free:- Make sure to keep your shower pan free of leaks. – Keep basement air vents fully exposed; don’t let them become overgrown with shrubbery. – Keep all of your plumbing in good repair. – When watering your lawn, don’t sprinkle wood siding. – Keep your gutters and downspouts in good repair. 

Do it youself and enjoy combating freaky termites

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