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Termite Damage Found At Charlotte Home Inspection

May 8th, 2009 · No Comments

It is important to know a little about termites and how they work. Unlike us, termites work 24 hours a day and they eat 24 hour a day. Termites come from the ground and they have to return to the ground for moisture. The main hub of the colony lives down in the ground and they send up workers to forage for food. They bring the food down to the rest of the colony and regurgitate it to them. I know – yuck! That’s not the half of it – they make protective shelter tubes of mud and their poop. Paris Hilton’s ‘Simple Life’ isn’t sounding so bad now when compared to the life of a termite. They must be doing something right though because they have been around for 55 million years and over 2 billion dollars annually are spent to control them. Termite damage and water damage are always number 1 and 2 on the list of damage to homes annually. Unlike water damage, termite damage is usually not covered by homeowners insurance. This is why it is so important to catch the termites early before they do significant damage. One more thing you should know before I tell you what to look for – termites start out as nymphs. The nymphs will either become a soldier or a reproductive. The nymphs do a majority of the work. You usually will not see these unless you break open a mud tube or some termite infested wood (termites keep their environment totally enclosed). The same goes for the soldiers as well. Soldiers look a lot like the nymphs except they have pinchers on their head to defend the colony against other insects. The reproductives are also called swarmers. These have wings and swarm out by the thousands in the Spring and Fall usually on a warm day following a recent rain. Most of the swarmers will die. They are male and female. Their wings will fall off and the male and female will try to meet and start a new colony. The female will become the queen of this colony. Wings are the tell tell sign of the swarmers. Wings or swarmers outside doesn’t necessarily mean the house is infested, however, if they are inside, chances are good you have an infestation.

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