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Perimeter Security Systems Solutions

April 17th, 2013 · No Comments

The Perimeter Home Security Systems is a which will enter into alarm before a thief enters your own home. Generally, such alarm systems equipped with outstanding alarms scare the intruder hence forcing him to escape in the situation.

Perimeter home security system provides perimeter protection for your residence or property. Typically perimeter detection items are placed outside of your dwelling or around your fence wall.

When you have a garden or yard in your house, alarms of perimeter home security systems certainly are a better security selection for you. These systems minimize the potential risks of injury and loss, thus keeping away the unwanted people and intruders from poking with your garden.

Now, you will find three major technology perimeter protection and detection systems:

  1. Electric Fence
  2. Active infrared
  3. Microwave Detection Systems

Electric Fence is easily the most advanced perimeter security alarm, it includes hollywood pulse host and closing detection. Electric Fence works as a barrier with electric shocks, when detecting people from crossing a boundary. It is popular inside the military field, the security of important installations of internet, telecom, power energy and agricultural industry. The technology found in scalping systems is coded in Australia.

The active infrared systems features a transmitter plus a receiver having invisible beamsin involving the transmitter as well as the security receiver. So whenever anyone crosses the borders and go across these invisible beams, the alarm automatically gets triggered.

The good thing about the infrared beam is it does not generate power, thus building up a low profile barrier simply with a less investment. Compared with other technologies, design cut multi-beam infrared can effectively reduce false alarms brought on by animals, flying birds etc. Having a selection of around 300 meters, it may safely protect the boudries of your home.

In a microwave detection system, the sensing method is placed around the iron fence to nullify the intrusions of animals and various individuals. Therefore when anyone enters the iron gate, the home security system gets triggered.

Perimeter home security systems offer visible as well as invisible shields. Thus protecting your own home from many intrusions. Fortunately that even if the method is activated, you will have a free acces to your home.

Many organisations provide alarm system that provides merely the internal detection of your house. These systems use varying kinds of sensors to detect the various event of your property.


PIR motion detector

PIR motion detector base is widely used to detect inside movements only. The is simply because the PIR motion detectors make use of the temperature detecting technology.

How to avoid a false alarm

To stop an incorrect alarm, it’s strongly recommended that you install two motion detectors who use PIR + Microware technology of numerical analysis at your gate. Magnetic contact attached to each one of the windows and doors detects opening and closing doors. The only down side is that after setting up these alarm systems at your home, you can not have free entry to all parts in your home if the system is activated. 

Hence in the above information, you can understand it is better to get the mixtures of these security such as the perimeter detection a swell as internal detection implemented for the home security. So before installing Perimeter Home Security Systems, its strongly suggested so that you can consult an expert home alarm system installer or insurer.


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