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Investment into Alternative Energy Research and Development

March 8th, 2013 · No Comments

Another year has gone and yet we are still dependent on fossil fuel. The price of oil still affects the economy of all countries. Under this situation, every government organization must completely support the development of alternative energy resources. This is specially true to the US government. In the US, incentives are given to the companies that invested in the alternative energy industry. It comes in the form of tax breaks and rebate incentives.

With this move from the government, investments in alternative energy have significantly increased. Investors have seen a new multi billion income opportunity in the “green” energy production.

The US and its citizenry need to invest all of the time and energy that they can spare to the conversion from a fossil fuel burning society to one that is green for several different reasons. The green economy will not harm the environment or the quality of our air like fossil fuel burning does. We can become the energy independent nation that we need to be by cutting away our need to import oil. Ultimately, renewable energies and extremely efficient energies like atomic energy are more economical than the continuous mining and digging for fossil fuels. If we do not invest on our future now, catastrophe awaits us. It is inevitable that we are going to continually increase our energy demands in the near future. If we do not speed up the upgrading of our capacity to produce “green” energy, then our economy will still be weakened with our dependency to high cost of fossil fuel.

Arguably, federal, state, and local governments should work in combination with the issue of alternative energy research and development and put into action obligatory programs for new home construction and all home remodeling that stipulate the implementation of alternative energy power sources—finally over a certain period of years changing into 100% installation of alternative energy sources for any new home or corporate building—as well as supporting a similar system to have all new vehicles produced in the nation be hybrid vehicles or hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles by the year 2020. All levels of government could also impose necessary compliance laws on construction and utilities companies. The energy companies in all 50 states should be required to invest in alternative energy research and development being required to buy back at fair rates, excess energy produced by property owners through their use of alternative energy power sources. Powerful financial incentives need to be in place for new companies to invest in developing renewable energies. This would not only make the US energy independent at the fastest possible rate, but it would stimulate the growth of the economy and provide tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs for people.

Several alternative energy investment consultants are confident that alternative energies drawn from currents, tidal movement, and temperature differentials are poised to become a new and prevalent form of clean energy. The French are actually fairly advanced at hydro power generation, and numerous studies are being made in Scotland and the US along these same lines. Some past concerns center around the problems with the deterioration of metals in salt water, marine growth such as barnacles, and violent storms are all related to disruptions to energy production. Even so, these problems for the most part seem to be treated through the use of different better products. Ocean-produced energy has a huge advantage because the timing of ocean currents and waves are well understood and trusted.

The most recently developed wind-turbine technologies have brought us wind-produced energy which is more cost efficient as well as more common. More state-of-the-art wind energy technologies are typically more market competitive with conventional energy technologies. The newer wind-power technologies don’t even kill birds like in days of old! Wind energy production is a growing technology, and companies engaged in it would make up an excellent part of a growth or aggressive growth portfolio.

Next to consider are solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, technologies. These are to be found implemented in pocket calculators, private property lights, US Coast Guard buoys, and other areas. More and more they find their way onto the roofs of housing and commercial buildings and building complexes. The price is getting cheaper as new and more efficient solar cells are improved. Their energy efficiency (the ratio of the amount of work needed to cause their energy production versus the actual energy production) is steadily on the rise. As an example, the conversion efficiency of silicon cells has increased from a mere 4% in 1982 to over 20% for the latest technologies. Photovoltaic cells create absolute zero pollution as they are generating electrical power. On the other hand, photovoltaic cells are not presently as cost effective as “utility produced” electricity. “PV” cells are not capable at present for producing industrial-production amounts of electricity due to their present constraints on space. However, areas where photovoltaic cell arrays could be implemented are increasingly available. As a result, costs are going down while efficiency is rising for this alternative fuel technology.

In the past twenty years, investments in hydro-electric technology have increased dramatically. Although hydro-electric power is clean, it is limited geographically. While already prominent as power generation, the large, older dams have had problems with disturbing marine life. Those dams have been improvised to protect the marine life even at a high cost. Consequently, more attention is now being paid to low-impact “run-of-the-river” hydro-power plants, which do not have these ecological problems.

To summarize, the development of “green” energy technology is very important for our future generations. Conserving and protecting our natural resources must be seriously implemented. I think investing in “green” energy production is a good business opportunity because of its huge and long lasting public demands as well as incentive provisions from the local government.

Orlando Racelis is an expert article writer on alternative energy resources. For more information about investing in alternative energy fuel please visit:



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