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Home Decorating with Vintage Fruit Crate Labels

August 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

Decorating with Vintage Fruit Crate Labels

People like to surround themselves with things they delight in, which can also give your house that unique personal touch. Vintage fruit crate labels fill that particular personal touch in many ways. For example, if you have a hobby such as bird watching, there are many wonderful antique fruit crate labels with bird images such as owls, crows, pheasants, swallows, geese and on and on. I know a few bird watchers who collect labels and have crate labels framed and hanging on their walls.   Another popular area is western themed fruit crate labels, I have one western collector who is constantly searching for the perfect fruit crate label or can label to fill in that empty spot on his western wall display. 

Another very popular area is collecting or decorating with local labels. This really brings home the historical significance of fruit crate labels. Florida citrus crate labels are among my most popular labels. With the rich agricultural background of Florida, having a display of local labels is an on the spot conversation piece. Many of these crate labels are 70 to 90 years old; the companies may no longer exist. But folks are familiar with the history of the industry and also many individuals will be familiar with the actual company represented on the fruit crate label. 

Popular labels for decorating are apple crate labels for Washington State, orange crate labels for Southern California, citrus crate labels for Florida and Texas, cranberry labels for the Northeastern states, and pear crate labels for Oregon. The list actually goes on and on, Peach crate labels for Alabama and the Carolinas, also just about every state had canneries so you find vintage can labels or fruit crate labels for every state.

Color is an important factor in any decorating theme, which makes fruit crate labels even more valuable. Every hue and shade you can imagine will be found in fruit crate labels. I’ve found by using different color matt boards the effect of the label changes by bringing out some of the more delicate colors within the design.

A very versatile part of using antique fruit crate labels for decorating is the ability for them to fit in just about any room of the house. Kitchen and dining areas are probably the most popular for decorating with fruit crate labels. The luscious images of fruits and vegetables are just the right thing to stimulate the taste buds. Another area is game rooms; fruit crate labels featuring playing cards or sporting themes can make a colorful and often whimsical display. I’ve even seen a few comical brands end up in bathrooms; however for smaller sized bathrooms, antique perfume labels seem to fit those modest blank areas well.

With the wide variety of vintage fruit crate labels available, the difficult part is choosing your favorites. Once that’s done, have fun planning out the range of places to display them.

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