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Charlotte Home Inspector Appears on TV show

February 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Charlotte home inspector Preston Sandlin recently appeared on J. Rosso’s TV show Financial Self-Defense. Also on that show was Jamie McGillis. The purpose of the show was to provide people with some information on how to protect their biggest financial investment, their house. Jamie talked about staging a house to put it on the market. Preston Sandlin talked about the advantages of free inspections. These advantages include finding out the problems in a house before you put it on the market. This would be seller can price out the work getting the best contractor for the best available price. It all of the major things are repaired before the buyer comes into the picture. This helps the seller in two ways. First it takes away the spook factor that might scare the buyer off completely. It also takes away the ability of the buyer to try to get the seller down on the price. A pre-inspected home has a higher perceived value at one that’s not. A Preinspection inspection report can be used as a marketing tool to help sell the house.

The home inspector talked about several other issues as well including radon and asbestos. Radon is a gas that you can not see Smail or touch it comes from the earth and the breakdown of radioactive material. There is asbestos everywhere. It is much more prevalent in mountain areas and the Northwest United States. There have been some pockets of high radon levels found in around the Charlotte area. Home inspection Carolina recommends that you get your house tested for radon. Asbestos was a product that was used up until the 1950s. Asbestos literally means inextinguishable in Greek. The Greeks thought of asbestos is the miracle fiber because it would not burn. Asbestos will not burn and it has a high “R” value. The problem with asbestos is when it becomes airborne or friable. When humans breathe in friable asbestos their body cannot metabolize it. Asbestos has been linked to many respiratory problems. Asbestos was used as siding, roofing, flooring, and insulation wrap. If your house was built in the 1950s or before there is a good chance that you have some asbestos.

Joseph Russo appears as the Host of Financial Self Defense on Channel 4 in North Carolina. Joseph Russo interviews a wide variety of guests on his show to address the challenges of the recession of 2009.

Joseph A. Russo covers topics such as Real Estate issues, Real Estate Fraud, Mortgages, Personal Loans, Credit Reports, and Credit Card management.

Other topics include Small Business Issues, Internet Business startup, Consumer Fraud, Identity Theft, Personal Loan management, Foreclosure Assistance, Foreclosure Scams, Loss Mitigation, Tenant Issues, Automobile Purchases, Automobile Loans, Student Loans, Financial Aid Loans and Reverse Mortgages.

Joseph Russo is the Executive Director of the National Council for Personal Financial Literacy and offers presentations to consumer groups, High School Students, College Students, Senior Citizen Groups and Ministries.

Joseph Russo is an Author, Journalist, Public Speaker, Radio Show Commentator and Radio Show Host, Television Show Commentator and Television Show Host.

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