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6 Strategies For Beautifully Clean Offices

April 18th, 2013 · No Comments

What catches your eye when you walk into your office? Are you met by a pristine and inviting desk? Or are you instantly struck by the volume of loose papers littering your desk? Perhaps just general mess?

Once your working environment is uncomfortable and unorganised, this can reflect in your work. After all, a chaotic office means a chaotic mind.

A clean office can make your working day more pleasant and help you to work more productively.

Whilst a professional cleaning service (see – London office cleaning company) can ensure that your offices are kept spotless and hygienic, you can also do a lot to improve the cleanliness of your work place.

Look at these 6 tips, to maintain offices you can be proud of:

1.Learn to file properly. A great filing system is key for an organised and stress-free workplace. If you’ve never been good at filing, find a person in the office that is and ask them for some pointers. With a decent filing system created, you’ll save yourself both time and stress in the long run. So get started from today!

2.Don’t keep putting off for later, what can be done today. We can all be guilty of leaving for tomorrow what can be achieved today – specifically when it comes to work. However, you should remember that there’s no time like the present – so leave no loose papers of dirty cups until tomorrow. When you leave things until the next day, clutter eventually begins to build up.

3. Scrap Paper! In offices, paper finds it way into every nook and cranny! Loose papers are the nemesis of every office worker; so, why not scrap paper altogether? Go digital by scanning your important documents onto your computer, rather than file them away.

4.Organise your desk top. Whilst having photos and personal knick-knacks on your desk can look great, try to keep them to a minimum to avoid clutter. Stationary storage may also come in useful for organising your desktop.

5.Clean weekly. If your company hires a professional cleaning company (see – commercial cleaning services London), your offices should already be in hygienic condition. However, because we spend so much time at our desks, it is important that we take workplace hygiene into our own hands. Once per week, try to clean down your desk, computer keyboard and mouse with an anti-bacterial spray or disinfecting wipes.

6.Set time aside at the end of each day. For a consistently clean and organised desk, set aside some time each day to ensure that your desk is in tidy condition. You can do this either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day, to prevent any unnecessary clutter or un-ticked to-dos from slipping through the cracks.

For more tips and advice on how to keep your offices looking their best, or to hire the services of a professional cleaning company, see – to get a free quote.

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