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Problems with Synthetic Stucco

January 28th, 2020 · No Comments

Synthetic Stucco is known as exterior Insulating and Finish System.
Homes with synthetic stucco are often very beautiful and offer energy savings, but there are many problems associated with synthetic stucco
Synthetic stucco is made of 3 layers, which include the insulation layer, base coat and finish coat.
Water that gets trapped in synthetic stucco causes serious problems. In addition to this, homeowners have also reported other problems, one example of this would be diminution of home value. 
Many people synthetic stucco have a hard time obtaining insurance for their homes because of the chance of risk associated with the synthetic stucco.
Telltale signs of damage with synthetic stucco in your home is tiny cracks or water stains.
Synthetic stucco is a problem for both buyers and sellers of a home.
If you are selling a synthetic stucco home, you should make sure to have your home thoroughly inspected and be prepared to pay for repairs 
If you are buying a synthetic stucco home, you should make sure to know what synthetic stucco is and know the problems associated with synthetic stucco. If you need a home inspection in Charlotte NC Call Home Inspection Carolina. 704-542-6575

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