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Problems with Aluminum Wiring

January 28th, 2020 · No Comments

aluminum wiring
Many people ask if aluminum wire is safe and if it should be replaced. 
It is safe, doesn’t need to be replaced but it is good to be aware of the problems of aluminum wiring
1. Aluminum wire is very soft. This creates local hot spots and overheating2.  When aluminum wire rusts, it makes the wire not as good of an electrical conductor. This interferes with the flow of electricity, which causes overheating.3. Aluminum wiring is less ductile, meaning it will break down more easily when subjected to bending4. Aluminum wiring has higher electrical resistance5. Aluminum wiring deteriorates when exposed to oxygen 6. Aluminum wiring has a greater malleability7. Aluminum wiring has greater thermal expansion and contraction8. Aluminum wiring has excessive vibration

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